A Revolution in Dry Rope:
Introducing XEROS Technology

XEROS technology is a whole new way to manufacture UIAA Certified dry rope that’s more effective, wear resistant, better for the environment, and lower cost—and only available from Sterling.

Sterling XEROS Dry Rope Technology InfographicWet rope is weaker rope. The numbers don’t lie: Rope loses 20% to 40% of its strength when wet. And that can happen if you’re caught in a downpour, climbing an icy pitch, or even just dealing with prolonged exposure to high humidity.

The solution? Dry rope.

But it’s not a perfect solution. Traditional dry ropes are made “dry” with an exterior coating that keeps water out. That coating can wear (leaving the rope vulnerable to water), the finish can feel tacky (so it picks up dirt), and the process to coat the rope is labor-intensive—increasing cost and waste.

We wanted to do better. So we went back to the drawing board for what a dry rope could be, and uncovered a whole new way to make dry rope.

This is XEROS technology

We spent the past three years working closely with our bluesign®-certified nylon yarn supplier in an exclusive partnership that let us develop an entirely new way to create dry rope.

What we’ve created is not a coating applied to the rope, or a separate liquid bath treatment. It’s a new step in the manufacturing process of individual nylon fibers, before they’re even twisted into yarn, that makes each fiber water resistant.

When we make dry rope using these fibers, the result is a product that blows traditional dry rope out of the water.

“I am hoping to reach 100,000ft plus of climbing on my first XEROS. This has been my favorite rope and the one that has lasted the longest and still has plenty of life left.”

—Rob Pizem, Sterling Athlete

And that’s not the only thing that makes XEROS technology a breakthrough.

Along with being PFOA-free, like all Sterling ropes, the XEROS technology process:

  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces energy use
  • Reduces labor 

In other words, this new process is better for the environment. And best of all, climbing rope with XEROS technology costs significantly less than rope made with traditional dry treatments. That’s right—there’s no premium to pay for a rope that’s really ready for anything.

Stay strong in the wet

XEROS technology creates a dry rope with next-level performance—and without a sticky, vulnerable-to-wear outer coating. Because of the process, both the core and sheath are protected with XEROS, which reduces performance issues related to sheath slippage. All for a minimal price increase over traditional non-dry rope.

Try it for yourself with these ropes that use XEROS technology and are ready for anything.