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XEROS technology is a whole new way to manufacture UIAA-Certified dry rope that’s more effective, wear resistant, better for the environment —and only available from Sterling.

Stay strong in the wet

This is XEROS technology

We spent the past three years working closely with our bluesign®-certified nylon yarn supplier in an exclusive partnership that let us develop an entirely new way to create dry rope.

What we’ve created is not a coating applied to the rope, or a separate liquid bath treatment. It’s a new step in the manufacturing process of individual nylon filaments, before they’re even twisted into yarn, that makes each fiber water resistant. When we make dry rope using these fibers, the result is a product that blows traditional dry rope out of the water.

And that’s not the only thing that makes XEROS technology a breakthrough.

Reduces waste

Eliminate the bath treatment process by treating the fibers at the filament level, virtually removing all chemical waste.

Raw materials

Our yarn supplier is a bluesign® system partner which means chemical and toxicity manage­ment are at the highest level for environ­mental sustainability.

Reduces energy use

More efficient process eliminates the need for curing the dry treatment on the rope and reduces the use of greenhouse gases and electricity.

Reduces labor

An entirely new way to manufacture UIAA Certified dry rope that is more efficient and less labor-intensive.

“After 13 days of use and over 21,100 feet of climbing, the rope looks and feels like new.

The XEROS does not show the 'normal' breakdown and softening that regular non treated ropes do and what regular treated ropes do shortly after a few uses.

I would recommend this rope to anyone.

– Rob Pizem, Sterling Athlete

Rope Models

Try it for yourself with these ropes that use XEROS technology and are ready for anything.

Duetto™ 8.4mm

When you know two is better than one

Aero™ 9.2mm

Skinny cord with a burly sheath for projects

Ion R™ 9.4mm

A guide favorite, it offers durability in a perfect, mid-range size

Quest™ 9.6mm

Ideal balance between weight and durability

Velocity™ 9.8mm

Suited for both rock and ice, it is lightweight and durable

T-10™ 10mm

A big rope for gnarly expeditions or top-rope laps